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Tien Son Cave

Tien Son cave is located in Tam Duong district, the convergence of natural beauty of Lai Chau with white clouds, mountains, caves, rivers, and streams together to create a picture to passionate every traveler. In 1996, Lai Chau Tien Son cave was recognized as a national historical-cultural monument.

Lai Chau Son Tien Tien Legend

Tien Son cave located in the heart of a mountain associated with a folk legend that the Lu ethnic compatriots in the Northwest passed down through the generations. The legend is that 99 mountains are the symbol of 99 healthy strong boys, and the 99 clear blue water lakes are 99 beautiful, hard-working girls. The mountains and lakes create a solid wall, holding a whole rich land and securing mysterious caves.

Access to Tien Son Cave

Going deep into the cave, the stone blocks, stalactites with all shapes and sizes slowly appear beautifully.

There are also groundwaters in the cave, flowing into small streams washed through each rock crevice to make the peaceful echoes.

According to the research materials, Tien Son cave was constructed from carxto. This is a limestone formation that has been going through millions of years.

Characteristics of Tien Son Tien Son

Previously, Tien Son cave in Lai Chau was also known as Dan Don cave. According to the Lu, it means White Rock cave, because the stalactites here are dominantly white, formed from the process of rock formation for over millions of years, and so far still looks natural.

From a primitive cave, today Tien Son cave has become an attractive destination of Lai Chau tourism. The construction of some auxiliary works such as the entrance gate, the shrine, the statue of the Buddha, the welcoming house, etc. are arranged harmoniously among the fresh and beautiful space. The trail leading to Tien Son Lai Chau cave is also tiled clean. The visitors just need to go between the green garden, through the small bridge, climb a few steps to arrive.

Especially, in front of the Tien Son Lai Chau cave is the strange looking bouquets, grows down from the interstitial dry stone but remains green moss. The door is not very large but has a dome and the steps leading down the cave.

Tien Son Lai Chau cave consists of 49 chambers running along the mountain through deep into the interior. The chambers are widened, including some sacred names were named such as Lac Long Quan, Au Co, Ba Chua Kho, Cung Cong Danh, etc.

In the heart of Tien Son, there are countless stalagmites at every sizes and shape, sparkling silver. The floor is quite flat with the high ceiling. Many stalactites from the ceiling and many stalagmites from the floor together create an artistic picture with lively shapes, rich imagery suggestion for visitors such as Dragon-court, the Virgin yard, The Swear stone column, etc. Under the ground there is a clear stream, wriggling through the bow, murmuring all year round and creating a unique breakthrough for Lai Chau Tien Son.

In addition to the charms inside Tien Son Lai Chau cave, visitors can also admire the majestic beauty of the Hoang Lien Son Range with Fansipan The top mountain hidden in white clouds. The overwhelming mountainous landscape together with the Nam Gie River winding around the hills sculpture and create a charming and enchanting landscape.

However, when you go deep in the cave, visitors will not see the smell of incense often found in other caves. Instead, it is a fresh airy space.

From an untouched cave, overgrown with trees, nowadays, Tien Son cave has become an attractive tourist attraction located on the northwest corridor of tourism from Sa Pa – Lao Cai to Lai Chau.

Tien Son Lai Chau Cultural Festival takes place on the full moon of the lunar calendar. The festival is organized by Binh Lu Commune, a common cultural activity of four ethnic groups: Kinh, Thai, Giay, Lu. Each ethnic group has its own culture, but it all aims to unite the nation and create diversity and richness in identity.

In the near future, Tien Son cave will be an indispensable destination for domestic and foreign tourists when traveling to Lai Chau – Tam Duong.

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