Wednesday, 15 Aug 2018

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is recognized internationally through 13 prestigious architecture awards at home and abroad such as FuturArc Prize 2012, Green Architecture of Vietnam 2012, International Architecture (IAA) 2012, American Green Building 2014, etc.

  • Flamingo Dai Lai resort has a great location with rich resources.

Far away from the center of Ha Noi 45 kilometers and Noi Bai airport 10 kilometers, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is located in a northern mountainous province of Dai Lai. Dai Lai Lagoon is the most famous tourist and resort area in the North thanks to the natural beauty of the scenery, fresh and cool year-round climate with rich terrain and ecosystem. It is also a land of rich and diverse culture, historical relics, scenic spots, and so on. The resort also has many advantages when located in the key tourism areas developing of Dai Lui Lake, Vinh Phuc province. Flamingo Dai Lai was voted to be one of the 10 most beautiful resorts in the world.

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort covers an area of over 1.23 million square meters, The resort owns beautiful nature, diverse terrain, rich natural resources and unique landscape with 4 islets, 2 islands, 10 forests, 5 hills, 100 million square meters of mountains and pine forests surround, fresh water source, fresh air, 5 million square meters of Dai Lai lake, 3km long beach, 2 central lakes & streams, overflowing with grass and flowers, the vast landscape, unique, favorable, charming and lush Feng shui. There has never been any such special embellishment.

Tay Thien Pagoda is 15 kilometers away. The resort is located 20 kilometers from Noi Bai International Airport and 45 kilometers from the center of Hanoi.

Furthermore, the resort has one more attractive place, The Forest in the Sky. The building with special design, the 4 faces of the Forest In The Sky are covered by more than 5,000 large trees and thousands of shrubs, flowers, and lawns. From a long distance, you can see the building like a tropical forest full of vitality and brilliant colors.

Forest In The Sky is a closed resort model with the facilities included such as a unique four-seater pool, sky bar, European restaurant, especially Asia’s largest Spa & Beauty Center, Gym & yoga, Restaurant game area, karaoke area, nightclub, reception hall, and many more. Guests can walk around the beautifully landscaped garden. BBQ, spa, and billiards facilities are available for a fee. Dai Lai Resor also has a playground for children. Bamboo Wings Restaurant serves Vietnamese and international dishes throughout the day. Room service is also available.

  • Created by the enthusiasm of leading international experts and Vietnamese architects.

The Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is built on the philosophy of “living in harmony with nature” which means a homogeneous architectural language, in harmony with nature and of course, preserve the inherent value of resources. The green architecture and contemporary style are evident through the works honored by architectural awards at home and abroad. The construction density is 9% of the project, low-frequency architecture, priority use of natural materials and green architectural solutions such as green walls, green roof, large garden area.

  • Unique landscape art

60% acreage of the total project area for landscaping: landscape lakes, land-art grasslands, flower landscaping and unique artistic landscapes such as meditation hill, stone and Water Square, installations rock, bamboo park, peach forest, plum forest. Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is the only place in Vietnam to invest in creating a large landscape art space, combining natural landscapes of forests, mountains, and hills with inherent the hills, water, flower carpet created from human hands.

  • Flamingo Dai Lai Resort with a variety of services

Flamingo Dai Lai Resort is designed to affirm the position of a leading eco-resort complex with unique landscape, impressive architecture and translation system, the international standard amenities and perfect service. Except for the quality and variety of functions, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort includes luxury resort, five-star eco-villas, sports club system, entertainment, healthcare, art high-end, art landscapes and a series of services, facilities, parks, meet the requirements of fun and relaxation of visitors here.

  • Experienced management and international brand

Leveraging the experience and professional tourism distribution system of Hanoi Redtours, the member company of the investor, Flamingo Dai Lai Resort has attracted a large number of visitors not only from Hanoi and other Northern provinces but also from the provinces of the South and abroad.

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